Acupuncture Healthcare Classes

Dr. Caldwell enjoys leading workshops to empower people to take charge of their health by teaching basic acupressure points that are effective in balancing vital energy and addressing health issues such as: relieving pain, fatigue, allergy symptoms, constipation, anxiety and depression. They are designed to allow flexibility and are tailored to the individual or group and run 1-2 hours. The following are available as individual classes or in a series and are scheduled as requested.

12 Points for Self-Health
In Oriental Medicine, there are 362 main points on the body that can be stimulated to create healing. This class covers 12 of these points, selected because they are most frequently used in acupuncture treatments and are easy to locate. These points create a powerful tool for use in daily health routine to improve vitality.

Many people suffer from headaches and muscle tension in their neck and shoulders. This course teaches how to locate and press points to alleviate the pain and related symptoms such as radiating pain and numbness to arms, migraines, fatigue, eye strain and TMJ.

Abdomen Acupressure
Over the years I have often said if there was only one treatment I could do for my patients, it would be working on the abdomen, which provides strong healing benefits to improve digestion and circulation, increase energy and relieve back pain. This class teaches techniques for people to work on their own abdomens to relieve tension in these areas, restoring vitality.Emotional Release Points Negative thoughts and past emotional traumas help to create pain that can get held in the body. This pain can be reflected in relationships and outlook on life. This class is designed to empower people to get touch with and release stored emotions and to learn the process to develop new patterns of continued release. By doing so, people can free themselves of anxiety, depression and many chronic health issues.

Please contact the office to discuss upcoming workshops or to schedule one in your location.

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